The sheds, unlike the traditional ones in concrete or prefabricated, have a lighter structure and allow eventual expansions or modifications not requiring complex maintenance operations. Despite the lightness of the structures, compared to reinforced concrete, the use of metal guarantees at the same time a high and lasting resistance. Our facilities are flexible and easily adapt to any context for warehouses or warehouses and for the expansion of existing production activities. The Metal Construction Pilotti not only produces industrial sheds with standard dimensions, but also customizable structures. The Metal Construction Pilotti also designs, builds and installs metal structures for industrial and civil construction, industrial sheds, compositions for public works and for renovations. The Metal Construction Pilotti has full knowledge and competence in the use of steel for the construction of any type of structure, from the simple to the most complex, to ensure safety and durability, without major reconstruction works and maintenance costs. All the various types of structures can be designed, upon request, using our team of qualified technicians and / or engineers. All the achievements are certified in compliance with the UNI EN 1090-1: 2009 / EC 1-2011 standard.

Possible Customizations
  • Dimension
  • Volume
  • Form
  • Design

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