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Sheds and Structures

The sheds, unlike the traditional ones in concrete or prefabricated, have a lighter structure and allow eventual expansions or modifications not requiring complex maintenance operations. Despite the lightness of the structures, compared to reinforced concrete, the use of metal guarantees at the same time a high and lasting resistance …


One of the main needs of many companies is to optimize and rationalize the space and this is possible by installing a variety of industrial lofts in carbon steel or stainless steel …


The gangways are constructed with removable interlocking or bolted metal elements with free-to-measure, galvanized or painted lights, complete with lateral safety railing with grilled trampling or in other materials upon customer’s request.

Dividing walls

The study and construction of these walls are also carried out in such a way as to allow the possible addition of doors, windows and other accessories to the first installation …


The canopies are made of metal structures and include shelters for industrial and non-industrial use, industrial canopies also customizable on request. Our team is at your disposal for any kind of request or need regarding this …

Industrial mezzanines

The industrial mezzanines are structures made with beams and available in different heights and thicknesses to cover the different flow requirements. The covering of the walking surface can be realized with corrugated sheet or with insulated panels.

Railings and Fences

Pilotti Metal Construction is able to offer a wide range of solutions designed to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements while guaranteeing the highest quality. Therefore, it presents a wide range of railings and fences, also customizable, made with sheet metal panels and use of CNC machine.


The Metal Construction Pilotti produces a wide range of gates in galvanized and / or painted iron. Also on this category of products we offer customizable solutions using sheet metal panels and the use of a CNC machine in our production processes. The gates, where required, can also be supplied “automated” and certified UNI EN 13241 – 1: 2016

Urban furnishings

The street furniture is also a specific area in which the Metal Construction Pilotti operates, providing, like the photos below, to equip urban public spaces with functional fixed or mobile artifacts, and at best, inserted into a coordinated image of the city

Interior furnishings

Costruzioni Metalliche Pilotti also produces interior furnishings for private homes and commercial premises.

Barred doors and security windows

For 48 years, Costruzioni Metalliche Pilotti has been synonymous with safety and functionality even in the specific area of ​​the production of penitentiary products, to be installed both in new buildings and in recovery and renovation interventions. For a long time now the Metal Construction Pilotti has provided answers to many needs in the penitentiary world and has developed protection structures …