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For 48 years, Costruzioni Metalliche Pilotti has been synonymous with safety and functionality even in the specific area of ​​the production of penitentiary products, to be installed both in new buildings and in recovery and renovation interventions. For a long time now, the Metal Construction Pilotti has been providing answers to many needs in the penitentiary world and has developed both internal and external protection structures, consisting of simple glass windows as well as complex and articulated artifacts, suitable for realizing protected environments for the performance supervisory activities, such as sentry boxes with accesses with a penitentiary lock, aimed at controlling the external gates and the spaces inside the detention sections or other functional areas. Numerous types of production include our company such as the barrier frame that is used for the delimitation of functionally separated areas and consists of a fixed perimeter part and movable doors, sized according to transit requirements. Among the various and specific productions there are also steel grates, sentry boxes on walls, locks, interior and security doors and much more. All the material is powder-coated according to the following process: superficial alkaline degreasing to eliminate surface contaminants such as oils and greases and subsequent washing with demineralized water; surface treatment to improve the adhesion of the paint with relative rinsing with demineralized water; drying of the manufactured articles in the kiln and subsequent application of the powder coating by electrodeposition (with surface finish and color chosen by D.L, based on RAL) and subsequent specific polymerization.

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